About Weld Life

Weld Life was founded by Joseph Schultz who stumbled upon welding in high school. Quickly falling in love with the trade he started to pursue his new passion. After graduating his welding programs, he set out for more education. He started with simple night classes a few days a week, learning about weld symbols and techniques. Before long Joseph was hooked and needed more! with Rochester, New York in his rear mirror he set off to Pennsylvania to attend college. At Pennsylvania College of Technology he really started polishing his skills. "It really was a new world! I had some great teachers and met some amazing people from all over! PA was great but something was calling me back home."                     


After a year he set off back home with new knowledge and enthusiasm for his trade. From working on the road with journeymen, to welding with old heads in metal shops, Joseph learned, blue print reading, MIG, TIG, Flux core, sub arc, stick, oxy cutting, plasma torch, robot welding, micro welding, spot welding, production and fabrication just to name a few. TIG (or gas tungsten arc welding) became his preferred welding method. "Aluminum is my favorite to TIG  weld. You can really get in there and take control of your welds. Stainless steel is my second favorite to TIG weld-now thats a whole other animal! One minute you're welding fine, the next minute your weld piece has warped and bowed up like a banana." Welding has been such a large part of Joseph's life but he still felt like something was missing. "I wanted to give more... do more for welding, I wanted to contribute to welders all over. I just didn't know how.."

During the years, he welded on many different jobs and faced many obstacles. To over come his situations, he made tools and objects to aid him. He started sharing his ideas and hand made equipment with fellow welders and was ecstatic at all the positive feed back. Joseph Then had a idea to making unique products for welders.

August 30, 2016, Weld Life was born! 

"I created two products to aide welders, both are being patented. Weld Life means the world to me. I make unique items and apparel for welders. I never really found much clothing that showed or expressed my pride as a welder, so I started making my own. I also started to hand make welding pendants out of silver. Why? I love what I do and I want to show the world and what better way then on a necklace. Having a silver welding hood on my neck may start a conversation with fellow welders or inspire others to take up the trade."



"This is a whole new adventure for me. I don't know what will happen in a year or two, but for now I know one thing for sure.. Im going keep my hood down and let the sparks fly! This life may not be for everyone, but it is for me."

                                          IT'S MY WELD LIFE




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