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Sleeve Saver

Sleeve Saver

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Sleeve Saver version
We all know a welder's sleeve and arm takes the most damage, shielding the body from sparks. Our patent pending Sleeve Saver(tm) works by covering the major burn/spark area of the welder's forarm. Ask any Welder and they will aways tell you "Sparks always burn though the sleeves" Our Sleeve Savers will also prolong the life of any jacket, hoodie or other Sleeve, saving you and companies money each month!

Unlike thick heavy stiff sweaty arm pads that buckle around you, our light weight breathable sleeve saver is easy to take off. Good luck trying to take off that stiff arm pad when you have a hot rock stuck underneath, Yikes!
Forget full arm leather sleeves, Stay cooler for longer with our sleeve saver.
Our new models will have a leather backing to protect the Velcro strap while still allowing the user to adjust to any size.

1.0 is our special cotton canvas great for beginners or the welding hobbyist.
2.0 is our leather cotton hybrid made for our welding warriors.
Size: Medium 7" width 8" length (Most common size, fits most)
Large 9" width 10" length

Made by welders for welders!
Made in U.S.

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